A Not So New Problem

We liked this article. She's a generation ahead of us. We love her conclusion at the end. But we want more. Not all of us feel as secure financially as this author did when she was facing these hard choices. Not all of us are sure we will come to the end of this phase and share her sense of peace and satisfaction. We believe change needs to happen now. 

They say it takes a village to raise children, but it takes more than that. The women of the New Mothers group had husbands who changed diapers, did the laundry and shared in the shopping, cooking and late-night baby rocking. We had enough money to cover our bills, hire babysitters and even manage a date night here and there. We didn’t have to wonder how we’d pay for life’s basics; we were privileged. We were also ambitious. We understood we had a responsibility to live the dream that our mothers had fought so hard to realize. But how?
— LISEN STROMBERG, The Not So New Mothers Group