Spearheading a cultural revolution to rebrand the American working parent and help families find the support they need at work - one initiative at a time.

Artist: Paul Bower

Artist: Paul Bower

Why 'Why Not Think Tank'?

Because having children should not be seen as a handicap in the workplace.

Because it should be easier for people with new family responsibilities to seek solutions at work to manage their time without fear of stigma, penalty or job loss. 

Because talented and experienced employees with families who want to work, should.

Why Not Think Tank's a group of dedicated problem-solvers, consultants and influencers interested in coming up with solutions to prevent people with kids from getting labelled and pushed out of the workforce.

We've stopped asking 'why' things are the way that they are, and started asking entrepreneurs, companies, policy-makers, politicians, publishers, VCs, angel investors, HR, COOs and CEOS what they're prepared to do to help us create a truly progressive, more productive American workplace - one that accommodates and respects the needs of all.

Help us start conversations to change attitudes and HR policies all across America. Every new voice makes us stronger. 

Artist: Paul Bower

Artist: Paul Bower

Having a nice job and having a kid should be the norm.
— Some Swede
The rest of the world’s figured it out. What’s America’s problem?
— Some Less Diplomatic Swede

Why Rachael Ellison (Co-Founder)

Rachael Ellison has been a work-life advocate, consultant and coach to working parents for 5 years.  Trained in organizational psychology, Rachael has been working with companies for over a decade to execute and manage change. She is a recognized expert on work-life programs and policies. She founded WNTT with Leslie because she has seen hundreds of talented and capable employees with children give up on their companies and careers because they lack supportive policies. Rachael believes we need to start a cultural revolution to effect much needed change in policy and practice. 

Why Leslie Ali (Co-Founder)

Leslie Ali has been a creative troubleshooter, solving problem for brands for over 20 years. She founded WNTT with Rachael because she feels the American parent is a group that could use some help. They not only need to be rebranded, but could also use more support in the American workplace. Leslie believes it's time to put an end to this unnecessary hardship, get a conversation going and start changing some attitudes nationwide. She'd like to see through initiatives to help plug this smart body of men and women - currently dismissed by an intflexible, old-fashioned Corporate America - back into our economy. 


Founding Members:

Sehreen Noor Ali (EdTech Entrepreneur / member since 2014)

Ingrid Ducmanis (Advertising Creative / member since 2014)

Jaclyn Rink Crowley (Advertising Creative / member since 2014)

Cristina Higgins (Consultant / member since 2014)

Jack McPartland (Advertising Creative / member since 2014)

Paul Calway (Advertising Creative / member since 2014)

Alicia Stewart-Colvin (Advertising Creative / member since 2014) 

Emmanuelle Richards (Investigations/Reporter / member since 2014)

Jamie Klein-Daley (Brand Consultant / member since 2014)

Meg Kudumala (Management & Tech Consultant / member since 2014)

Erin Loos Cutraro (Social Movement Organiser / member since 2014)

Alethea Fitzpatrick (Photographer/Architect / member since 2014)

Joanna Andreasson (Graphic Designer/Illustrator / member since 2014)


Janice Loll (Advertising Creative / member since 2015)

Kelly Diaz (Advertising Creative / member since 2014)

Megan Sheehan (Advertising Creative / member since 2014)

Claire Illardi-Crow (PR Consultant / member since 2014)

Christina Skogly Knowlton (Hospitality & Marketing Consultant / member since 2014)